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Thousands of people dream of having their own business and even more so be a successful entrepreneur. But what does it take to achieve success in the business industry?

One of the most successful entrepreneurs featured at the Forbes website, Wendy Lipton - Dibner said that "the success of your business would solely depend on you. The only thing you can rely on is your power to achieve your goal".
She shared her success story at the Forbes website and said that when she was young she learned a very important business objective from her high school activity and that is to go out, explore, come back and explain how money is made in business. This is an objective she never forgot until she made millions for herself.

When she was already very successful, she never stopped understanding business and how it really works. Profit is the number one goal in business and how you make it is a natural talent. Yes, there may be a lot of guidelines given and showed on television and the internet but only you know how you will make your sales to the top.

Try to ponder on these notes when thinking of a business:

1.) Passion. Business may be set on profit but the core of your business should be something you love. Passion counts a lot in businesses because it also builds your determination in achieving your goal.

2.) Impact. Business is a big and competitive world, what will matter is how you make a difference to your market. How your business will impact your market. The profit of your business will rely on the impact of your business. The mark it will leave to your customers will make it grow.

3.) Three Guidelines.

If you have noticed, the three guidelines below are very simple and natural.

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Magazine |date= 26 January 2012 |accessdate= 31 March 2015 |url-status= dead |archiveurl= |archivedate= 4 April 2015}}</ref> || PWL |- |height=20|1988|| New Baccara || {{flagicon|SPA}} || "Fantasy Boy"<ref name="Baccara"/> || Bellaphon |- |height=20|1988|| Quantize || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)|The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore]]"{{sfn|Barron|2010|p=214}} || Passion |- |height=20|1989|| Boy || {{flagicon|ITA}} || "[[Broken Wings (Mr. Mister song)|Broken Wings]]"{{sfn|Barron|2010|p=214}} || Flea |- |height=20|1989|| [[Eartha Kitt]] and Bronski Beat || {{flagicon|US}}<br>{{flagicon|UK}} || "Cha Cha Heels"<ref>{{cite news|first= Rosie |last= Swash |title= Eartha Kitt's finest moments on YouTube |url= |newspaper= The Guardian |date= 26 December 2008 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || [[Arista Records|Arista]] |- |height=20|1989|| New Baccara || {{flagicon|SPA}} || "Touch Me"<ref name="Baccara"/> || Bellaphon |- |height=20|1989|| Quantize || {{flagicon|UK}} 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Henderson |title= Various Artists – Music for a Hot Body, Vol. 1 |website= AllMusic |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || Jupiter |- |height=20|1982|| Patrick Cowley || {{flagicon|US}} || "Goin' Home"<ref name="RC"/> || Megatone |- |height=20|1982|| [[Divine (performer)|Divine]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[Native Love (Step By Step)]]"<ref>{{cite news|first= Barry |last= Walters |title= Enter Planet Love |url= |newspaper= [[The Village Voice]] |date= 6 July 1999 |quote= Divine's "Native Love," a rowdy hi-NRG anthem previously pillaged by Nitzer Ebb, the Prodigy, even New Order. |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref><ref name="Divine">{{cite magazine|url= |first= Paul |last= Burston |title= London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival |magazine= [[Time Out (magazine)|Time Out]] |year= 2013 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || "O" |- |height=20|1982|| [[The Flirts]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "Passion"<ref name="Slant">{{cite web|title= 100 Greatest Dance Songs |date= 30 January 2006 |url= |work= [[Slant Magazine]] |accessdate= 25 October 2013}}</ref> || "O" |- |height=20|1982|| [[Roni Griffith]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "Spys"<ref>{{cite magazine|title= Optimo – Fabric 52 |first= Stephane |last= Girard |date= May 2010 |url= |magazine= [[Resident Advisor]] |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref><ref>{{cite magazine|url= |first= Bruce |last= Tantum |title= Fabric 52: Optimo |magazine= Time Out |date= 14 June 2010 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || Vanguard |- |height=20|1982|| Lime || {{flagicon|CAN}} || "Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight"<ref>{{cite web|title= 100 Greatest Dance Songs |date= 30 January 2006 |url= |work= Slant Magazine |accessdate= 25 October 2013}}</ref> || Mantra |- |height=20|1982|| [[Paul Parker (singer)|Paul Parker]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[Right on Target]]"<ref name="SFW"/><ref name="Cowley"/> || Megatone |- |height=20|1982|| [[Q-Feel]] || {{flagicon|UK}} || "Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)"<ref>{{cite web|first= Annie |last= Zaleski |title= The 12 best '80s high school movie jams |url= |work= [[Salon (website)|Salon]] |date= 16 August 2014 |accessdate= 1 April 2015}}</ref> || [[Jive Records|Jive]] |- |height=20|1982|| [[Donna Summer]] || {{flagicon|US}} || [[I Feel Love#Patrick Cowley remix|"I Feel Love" (Patrick Cowley Remix)]]<ref name="Catholic">{{cite magazine|first= William |last= Rauscher |url= |title= Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Catholic |magazine= Resident Advisor |date= October 2009 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || Casablanca |- |height=20|1982|| [[Sylvester (singer)|Sylvester]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[Do Ya Wanna Funk]]"<ref name="SFW"/><ref name="Cowley"/><ref name="Vibe"/><ref>{{cite web|title= 100 Greatest Dance Songs |date= 30 January 2006 |url= |work= Slant Magazine |accessdate= 25 October 2013}}</ref><ref>{{cite magazine|first= Sharon |last= Davis |title= Sylvester: Disco Diva |url= |magazine= [[Blues & Soul]] |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || Megatone |- |height=20|1982|| [[The Weather Girls]] || 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Little Time"<ref name="Body"/><ref name="Levine"/>{{sfn|Arena|2013|p=72}}<ref name="DJ">{{cite web|first= Bill |last= Brewster |authorlink= Bill Brewster (DJ) |title= Gay Pop |website= |url= |url-status= dead |archiveurl= |archivedate= 5 May 2004}}</ref> || Record Shack |- |height=20|1983|| [[Dead or Alive (band)|Dead or Alive]] || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[Misty Circles]]" (Dance Mix)<ref>{{cite web|title= Angst Music For Sex People: Celebrate 10 Years Of Cosey Club |work= [[The Quietus]] |url= |date= 13 December 2012 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || [[Epic Records|Epic]] |- |height=20|1983|| [[Hazell Dean]] || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[Searchin' (I Gotta Find a Man)]]"<ref name="Body"/><ref name="Rhodes"/>{{sfn|Arena|2013|p=14}} || Proto |- |height=20|1983|| Divine || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[Shoot Your Shot]]"{{sfn|Shaw-Miller|1993|p=117}} || "O" |- |height=20|1983|| [[Frankie Goes to Hollywood]] || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[Relax (song)|Relax]]"<ref>{{cite magazine|title= 100 Best Singles of 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(Bronski Beat song)|Why?]]"<ref name="BW">{{cite magazine|first= Barry |last= Walters |date= 20 June 2000 |title= His beat goes on |page= 115 |url= |magazine= [[The Advocate (LGBT magazine)|The Advocate]] |quote= As Bronski Beat's falsetto leader, Somerville made gay politics a hot pop topic with such hi-NRG dance floor staples as "Why?" and "Smalltown Boy" |issn= 0001-8996}}</ref>{{sfn|Strong|2002|p=242}}<ref>{{cite web|first= Eric |last= Olsen |url= |title= Bronski Beat: The Age of Consent |website= [[Blogcritics]] |date= 15 August 2003 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || London |- |height=20|1984|| Dead or Alive || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)]]"{{sfn|Barron|2010|p=214}}{{sfn|Reynolds|2011|p=416}}{{sfn|Andrews|Isaac|Nichols|2011|p=39}}<ref>{{cite web|url= |first= Jason |last= Ankeny |title= Dead or Alive – Artist Biography |website= AllMusic |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || Epic |- |height=20|1984|| Hazell Dean || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)]]"<ref name="SAW"/> || Proto (UK) |-|height=20|1984|| [[Animotion]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[Obsession (Animotion song)|Obsession]]" || Mercury |- |height=20|1984|| Divine || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[You Think You're a Man]]"<ref name="Divine"/><ref name="Rhodes"/>{{sfn|Shaw-Miller|1993|p=117}}<ref name="SAW"/><ref>{{cite magazine|url= |first= Aimee |last= Knight |title= You Think You're a Man: Why Drag Rocks |magazine= [[Rip It Up (magazine)|Rip It Up]] |date= 12 May 2014 |accessdate= 31 March 2015 |url-status= dead |archiveurl= |archivedate= 2 April 2015}}</ref> || Proto |- |height=20|1984|| [[Fancy (singer)|Fancy]] || {{flagicon|GER}} || "Get Lost Tonight"<ref>{{cite magazine|title= Reviews > Dance/Disco > Picks > Fancy – Check It Out |url= |page= 67 |magazine= Billboard |volume= 97 |issue= 25 |date= 22 June 1985 |issn= 0006-2510}}</ref> || [[Metronome Records|Metronome]] |- |height=20|1984|| Fancy || {{flagicon|GER}} || "Slice Me Nice"<ref>{{cite magazine|url= |first= Thomas |last= Rees |title= Sugar & Gold "Slice Me Nice" |magazine= XLR8R |date= 15 September 2009 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || Metronome |- |height=20|1984|| The Flirts || {{flagicon|US}} || "Helpless (You Took My Love)"<ref>{{cite magazine|title= Reviews > Dance/Disco > Picks > Flirts – Dancin' Madly Backwards |url= |page= 67 |magazine= Billboard |volume= 97 |issue= 20 |date= 18 May 1985 |issn= 0006-2510}}</ref> || Telefon |- |height=20|1984|| Frankie Goes to Hollywood || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[Two Tribes]]"<ref>{{cite magazine|first= Paul |last= Lester |authorlink= Paul Lester |title= Revolutions per minute – The Power of Love |magazine= [[Uncut (magazine)|Uncut]] |url= |publisher= [[ZTT Records|ZTT]] |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || ZTT |- |height=20|1984|| [[Fun Fun]] || {{flagicon|ITA}} || "Colour My Love"<ref name="Body"/> || X-Energy |- |height=20|1984|| [[Fun Fun]] || {{flagicon|ITA}} || "Give Me Your Love"<ref>{{cite magazine|title= Reviews > Dance/Disco > Picks > Fun Fun – Give Me Your Love |url= |page= 75 |magazine= Billboard |volume= 97 |issue= 21 |date= 25 May 1985 |issn= 0006-2510}}</ref> || X-Energy |- |height=20|1984|| [[Sylvester (singer)|Sylvester]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "Rock the Box"<ref name="Vibe"/> || Megatone |- |height=20|1984|| [[Evelyn Thomas]] || {{flagicon|US}} || "[[High Energy (Evelyn Thomas song)|High Energy]]"{{sfn|Hawkins|1997}}<ref name="Rhodes"/><ref name="Levine"/>{{sfn|Arena|2013|p=72}}<ref name="DJ"/>{{sfn|Jones|Kantonen|2000|p=173}} || Record Shack (UK) |- |height=20|1984|| [[Kim Wilde]] || {{flagicon|UK}} || "[[The Second Time]]"<ref>{{cite web|url= |title= Pop Profile: Kim Wilde |work= M Magazine |date= 10 September 2013 |accessdate= 31 March 2015}}</ref> || [[MCA Records|MCA]] |}

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