United Circle of Rock

Artist: Various Artists
Album: United Circle of Rock

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Artist: Various Artists
Album: United Circle of Rock

Compilation: United Circle of Rock

1.Hedonism -Double Trouble
2.Tage wie diese -Diese Tage
3.Chains of Time -Rhys o´Connor
4.Friends & Lovers -Raspberry Park
5.Leathal Romance -Night Nurse
6.Walking of Myself -Rock you
7.Babylon -Mark Ash
8.It´s time to hear -Limbo-X
9.Des signes d`envies -Kareon
10.Change- Dominic Art
11.You are my sunshine – We R Comin
12.I just can´t hate enough -Swain
13.This Town -Silverdolls
14.Footsteps -TCS
15.Wicked -Black Ju-Ju
16.Et on crie -Kareon
17.On the run -Mizzle
18.Rock and Roll -Chantall
19.Baby child in chains -Framby & Wörner
20.Music sounds better with – Bon Boys
21.One Upon a time -Sinnigunsinnig
22.Cuts like a knife -Rock you
23.You showed me how to do -Peachy Joke
24.The Lovers -Soundcheck1 -FrogDepeartment
25.Jef e la legione -Maninblu
26.Creep -Red Shadow
27.Club 27 -Mister Martin
28.Surprise -Big Bang Square
29.Let it rain -Double Trouble
30.Stop the stream -Blue Apples
31.Take it on the run -Red Shadow
32.Aunt Suzies Story -Sinnigunsinnig
33.Heaven -Mister Martin
34.Miss You -Rob Notes
35.Dame tu Cuerpo -Canu
36.Die Welt dreht sich weiter -Bernd Oettinger feat.Andreas Kümmert, Andreas Kümmert
37.Loosing Me -S-T-A-R-