Rocky’sRock Arena

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Rocky's Rock Arena, Vol. 1

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Artist: Various Artists
Album: Rocky’s Rock Arena, Vol. 1

Compilation: Rocky’s Rock Arena, Vol. 1

1.All Night Long [Never Ending Summer]
2.You Really Got Me [Rock You]
3.The Papas and the Mamas (Acoustic)
4.Skyscraping [Colonel Frozen]
5.Run Run Run [The Verandas]
6.Modern Lovers [Commander Proof Band]
7.La chance qu’il te reste [Factory Band]
9.Josephine [Tom Croèl]
10.Cometa [Manìnblù]
11.Die Welt dreht sich weiter [Bernd Oettinger feat. Andreas Kümmert]
12.Paradise [Raspberry Park]
13.Teddybär [Possenspiel 2.0]
14.Whisper of Souls [War Device]
15.Deep Sleep [Night Nurse]
16.Kein Gott, kein Staat, kein Herr, kein Sklave
17.Sternenhimmel (Hard ‘n’ Heavy Version)
18.Ohne dich (Karla Version)
[Claus Dethleff feat. Karla Pfützenreuter]
19.Silver Birds [Revolution]
20.Exhausted [Great Eastern]
21.Oh Baby[U.K. Projekt]
22.Thirty Years of Waste Koala High
23.Bambule [The Spirit Of Desire]
24.Music Sounds Better With[Bon Boys]
25.Jealousy (Play Me Version)
[Thea Tanneberger]